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Watch the interactive piano show from the comfort of your couch or on the go on your mobile device! Join us as we blaze through your song requests, cover an entire classic album, write songs, find out what “Sploob!” means, or debate whether bourbon is actually good or not!

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The ultimate Bards repository, our YouTube page contains all the content from our online streaming adventures! Here you’ll find our YouTube Singles, album covers, full shows, Brookstone Boards gaming content, and a few unique surprises! Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe! And click that notification bell to get notified when we post new content!

Meet the bards

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Pete (brookstonebards)

The man himself, Pete is the musical mastermind behind the show. His impressive catalogue of songs has made this all-request driven variety show a success. A particular distaste for Don’t Stop Believin’, but a love of all things Classic Rock, Yacht Rock, and beyond make him the perfect frontman for our team. NOTE: Keep him away from electronics.

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Kristin (specialk0455)

The better half of Pete, Kristin is the real star of the show. Her “bourbon face” is almost as epic as her vocals. The self-proclaimed introvert started this endeavor holding cue cards and now has two singles recorded. She still thinks we keep her around only because we need the clicks. When is someone going to tell her?


Tim (ttiimmaahh)

Tim is the tech genius behind the look and sound of the Bards stream, who also has a super power for finding harmonies on songs even if he’s never heard them before. The biggest troll of them all, Tim loves to push Pete’s buttons. He says it’s with love, but the jury is still out on that one.

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Dana (giblet11)

While Dana only sings in the shower or the car, she is undoubtedly the heart of the Bards family. Our super-mod, set decorator, and resident welcome wagon, Dana always has a kind word to say, but won’t hesitate to use the Valyrian Ban Hammer if necessary.


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Thurston Howell establishes itself as a premier Yacht Rock spectacular. Their shows are tailored to perfection: it’s all about taking the audience on a journey through some of the most iconic soft rock songs of the 70’s and 80’s, performing them with modern energy while staying true to that classic Yacht Rock sound. From Christopher Cross and Kenny Loggins, to Michael McDonald and Carly Simon, this band delivers the Afternoon Delight!

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Five men on a mission to bring the music of Genesis, and the solo stylings of Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, and Mike + The Mechanics to stages everywhere, ABACAB – The Music of Genesis is the ultimate Genesis tribute band. The boys bring note-for-note recreations of some of the band’s most iconic songs to the stage, from top 40 hits like “I Can’t Dance” and “Invisible Touch,” to deep cuts like “Return of the Giant Hogweed” and “Eleventh Earl of Mar.” Whether you’re a casual fan, or own every box set and video, ABACAB has a show for everyone!

Original Music

Art & Pete

It’s time for a new chapter. Art & Pete are bringing great artists together to make great art. For too long, commerce has been a perverse master of creativity, bending it to the will of an imaginary “demographic”. Pasting labels on it, like a trope is somehow scientific. But genre is as imaginary as race, given import according to whom it excludes. We are post-genre. And culture is limited to who can afford it. ASCAP sues bars for playing unlicensed songs; meanwhile, we clearly want to share and sample and create— to be a part of the things we enjoy. To that end, we are licensing our songs for covers and samples.
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Brookstone Boards is my Twitch gaming channel, where I stream current and retro video games, as well as host online board games through Tabletop Simulator with friends and other streamers. You never know what I’ll be streaming, or who I’ll be streaming it with. Like Call Of Duty? Too bad, I don’t stream that. But you might see me playing Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Mass Effect, or Civilization VI.

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